Ligue 1 2017

Ivory Coast


1Africa Sports31110010
2Academia F. Amadou Diallo31110010
3Sporting Gagnoa31110010
4AS Tanda10101011
5SO Armée10101011
6Williamsville Athletic Club10101000
7Moossou FC10101000
8JC Abidjan00000000
9Denguélé Sport00000000
10ASI D'Abengourou0-1100101
12Stade d'Abidjan0-1100101
13ASEC Mimosas0-1100101
14San Pedro0-1100101
1Sporting Gagnoa31110010
2Academia F. Amadou Diallo31110010
3SO Armée10101011
4Williamsville Athletic Club10101000
5AS Tanda00000000
6Africa Sports00000000
7ASEC Mimosas00000000
8Denguélé Sport00000000
10ASI D'Abengourou00000000
11Moossou FC00000000
12JC Abidjan00000000
13Stade d'Abidjan0-1100101
14San Pedro0-1100101
1Africa Sports31110010
2AS Tanda10101011
3Moossou FC10101000
4San Pedro00000000
5Denguélé Sport00000000
6Sporting Gagnoa00000000
7Stade d'Abidjan00000000
8SO Armée00000000
9Academia F. Amadou Diallo00000000
10Williamsville Athletic Club00000000
11JC Abidjan00000000
13ASI D'Abengourou0-1100101
14ASEC Mimosas0-1100101

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