Premier League 2017/18



1Portmore United13135410141
2UWI FC116532093
3Reno FC92523042
4Arnett Gardens83422063
5Tivoli Gardens70521233
6Harbour View50412122
7Boys' Town4-1411234
8Cavalier SC4-2511335
9Humble Lions4-55113510
10Waterhouse FC3-5403138
11Sandals South Coast2-6402228
12Montego Bay United FC1-5401327
1UWI FC74321062
2Portmore United74321051
3Reno FC72321031
4Arnett Gardens42211042
5Tivoli Gardens30210111
6Harbour View20202011
7Boys' Town1-1201112
8Humble Lions1-2201124
9Sandals South Coast1-4201115
10Waterhouse FC1-5201116
11Montego Bay United FC0-2200213
12Cavalier SC0-2200202
1Portmore United69220090
2UWI FC42211031
3Arnett Gardens41211021
4Cavalier SC40311133
5Tivoli Gardens40311122
6Boys' Town30210122
7Harbour View30210111
8Humble Lions3-3310236
9Waterhouse FC20202022
10Reno FC20202011
11Sandals South Coast1-2201113
12Montego Bay United FC1-3201114

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