Premier League 2018/19



1Portmore United105531172
2Mount Pleasant FC102531153
3UWI FC94430151
4Tivoli Gardens92530253
5Arnett Gardens FC90530266
6Montego Bay United (JAM)80522155
7Waterhouse FC74421162
8Cavaliers FC (JAM)60420244
9Humble Lions FC3-2503235
10Dunbeholden FC3-3510414
11Harbour View FC3-6410328
12Reno FC3-6510428
1Arnett Gardens FC94330051
2Waterhouse FC65220050
3UWI FC64220040
4Tivoli Gardens61320132
5Mount Pleasant FC30210111
6Cavaliers FC (JAM)3-1210123
7Reno FC3-3310214
8Montego Bay United (JAM)2-2302124
9Portmore United1-1201112
10Humble Lions FC1-1201112
11Dunbeholden FC0-2200202
12Harbour View FC0-3200214
1Portmore United96330060
2Mount Pleasant FC72321042
3Montego Bay United (JAM)62220031
4Cavaliers FC (JAM)31210121
5Tivoli Gardens31210121
6UWI FC30210111
7Dunbeholden FC3-1310212
8Harbour View FC3-3210114
9Humble Lions FC2-1302123
10Waterhouse FC1-1201112
11Reno FC0-3200214
12Arnett Gardens FC0-4200215

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