Ligue 1 2015/16

Ivory Coast


2AS Denguélé23712651125
3AS Tanda22911641145
4ASEC Mimosas20612552115
5Sporting Gagnoa19312471118
6Stade d'Abidjan1501243599
7Academia F. Amadou Diallo14311353129
8JC Abidjan14-112282910
9ASI D'Abengourou13210271108
10Moossou FC13-2122731113
11Africa Sports National13-3133461619
12Club Omnisports de Korhogo (CIV)8-812156816
13SO Armée6-1011065717
14Yopougon FC5-1512057520
1AS Tanda144642062
3AS Denguélé123633052
4ASEC Mimosas113632163
5Africa Sports National11283231210
6Moossou FC80622277
7Sporting Gagnoa71514054
8Academia F. Amadou Diallo61613276
9JC Abidjan5-3705269
10Club Omnisports de Korhogo (CIV)5-78125411
11Yopougon FC4-7704329
12ASI D'Abengourou2-1302123
13Stade d'Abidjan2-3402225
14SO Armée2-5402205
1Stade d'Abidjan133841374
2Sporting Gagnoa122733164
3AS Denguélé114632173
4ASI D'Abengourou113725085
6ASEC Mimosas93623152
7JC Abidjan92523031
8AS Tanda85522183
9Academia F. Amadou Diallo82522153
10Moossou FC5-2605146
11SO Armée4-57043712
12Club Omnisports de Korhogo (CIV)3-1403145
13Africa Sports National2-5502349
14Yopougon FC1-85014311

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