Ligue 1 2019

Ivory Coast


1San Pedro38111812242110
2SO Armée315188731914
3ASEC Mimosas (CIV)299187832112
4Williamsville Athletic Club296197842216
5Academia F. Amadou Diallo281188462120
6Bouaké FC262187562220
7Racing Club d'Abidjan261197572019
8Africa Sports National (CIV)24-1176651920
9Usc Bassam (CIV)230186571515
10ASI D'Abengourou221175751514
11AS Tanda17-51752101621
12Moossou FC16-10135171222
13Sporting Gagnoa11-7162591421
14Lys Sassandra9-6122371420
1San Pedro25119810121
2Williamsville Athletic Club21811560157
3SO Armée21710631125
4Academia F. Amadou Diallo173105231310
5ASEC Mimosas (CIV)1678440125
6Racing Club d'Abidjan140114251313
7ASI D'Abengourou135734083
8Moossou FC122640297
9Africa Sports National (CIV)12-193331011
10Usc Bassam (CIV)110832388
11Bouaké FC9-1723256
12Sporting Gagnoa7182151110
13AS Tanda7-3921669
14Lys Sassandra2-46024711
1Bouaké FC173115241714
2ASEC Mimosas (CIV)1321034397
3San Pedro130941499
4Racing Club d'Abidjan121833276
5Africa Sports National (CIV)120833299
6Usc Bassam (CIV)1201033477
7Academia F. Amadou Diallo11-28323810
8AS Tanda10-283141012
9SO Armée10-2824279
10ASI D'Abengourou9-410235711
11Williamsville Athletic Club8-2822479
12Lys Sassandra7-2621379
13Sporting Gagnoa4-88044311
14Moossou FC4-127115315

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