Ligue 1 2019

Ivory Coast


1San Pedro20710622125
2Williamsville Athletic Club19710541114
3SO Armée19310541118
4Academia F. Amadou Diallo160104421111
5Bouaké FC151104331211
6Africa Sports150104331212
7ASEC Mimosas1459351105
8Racing Club d'Abidjan14210424119
10ASI D'Abengourou10-210244810
11Moossou FC10-1010316818
12Sporting Gagnoa9-2102351012
13Lys Sassandra9-292341012
14AS Tanda5-710127714
1San Pedro168651091
2SO Armée135541083
3Williamsville Athletic Club125633061
4ASEC Mimosas85422061
5Academia F. Amadou Diallo81522165
6Bouaké FC8-1622256
7Racing Club d'Abidjan72521275
8ASI D'Abengourou72514053
9Africa Sports70521266
10Sporting Gagnoa64420284
11Moossou FC60420255
13Lys Sassandra2-3502369
14AS Tanda1-4501415
1Africa Sports80522166
2Academia F. Amadou Diallo8-1522156
3Bouaké FC72421175
4Williamsville Athletic Club72421153
5Lys Sassandra71421143
6Racing Club d'Abidjan70521244
8ASEC Mimosas60513144
9SO Armée6-2513135
10San Pedro4-1411234
11AS Tanda4-3511369
12Moossou FC4-106114313
13ASI D'Abengourou3-4510437
14Sporting Gagnoa3-6603328

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