Premier League 2015/16



1Arnett Gardens FC60203318694929
2Montego Bay United592733161165326
3Portmore United FC (JAM)5883317794032
4Humble Lions FC53833141183325
5UWI FC49-3331310103841
6Harbour View FC435331013103934
7Tivoli Gardens43-133127143940
8Boys' Town38-1733108153552
9Waterhouse FC34-833810153240
10Reno FC34-1933713133554
11Rivoli United33-83389163846
12Cavaliers FC33-123389162436
1Arnett Gardens FC34191710433112
2Montego Bay United34161610422913
3UWI FC34121610422715
4Humble Lions FC285178451611
5Portmore United FC (JAM)283168441815
6Harbour View FC269176832112
7Cavaliers FC257166732013
8Reno FC253176742320
9Waterhouse FC234176562218
10Tivoli Gardens233167271815
11Rivoli United222166462422
12Boys' Town22-6176471723
1Portmore United FC (JAM)305179352217
2Arnett Gardens FC261168261817
3Montego Bay United2511176742413
4Humble Lions FC253166731714
5Tivoli Gardens20-4175572125
6Harbour View FC17-4164571822
7Boys' Town16-11164481829
8UWI FC15-15173681126
9Rivoli United11-101725101424
10Waterhouse FC11-12162591022
11Reno FC9-22161691234
12Cavaliers FC8-19172213423

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