Premier League 2016/17



1UWI FC59143317884228
2Humble Lions FC582331161054118
3Montego Bay United55143116783723
4Tivoli Gardens551232174114432
5Portmore United FC521132131364130
6Arnett Gardens FC46232137124543
7Reno FC39-633109142834
8Waterhouse FC37-633107162632
9Maverly Hughenden FC34-932713122534
10Harbour View FC32-153188152944
11Boys' Town32-223195173254
12Vere United FC30-183393212947
1Humble Lions FC3721151212298
2Montego Bay United37151711422510
3UWI FC311316943207
4Tivoli Gardens2913169252613
5Arnett Gardens FC2810168442717
6Reno FC256177461913
7Portmore United FC256166731913
8Vere United FC18-1175391718
9Waterhouse FC18-5174671217
10Maverly Hughenden FC160153751414
11Boys' Town15-4154381620
12Harbour View FC11-91532101827
1UWI FC281178452221
2Portmore United FC275167632217
3Tivoli Gardens26-1168261819
4Humble Lions FC212164931210
5Harbour View FC21-6165651117
6Waterhouse FC19-1166191415
7Montego Bay United18-1145361213
8Arnett Gardens FC18-8165381826
9Maverly Hughenden FC18-9174671120
10Boys' Town17-18165291634
11Reno FC14-1216358921
12Vere United FC12-171640121229

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