Premier League 2018/19



1Portmore United FC (JAM)50162614843721
2Waterhouse FC45182512943820
3Mount Pleasant FC4482712872416
4Cavaliers FC4282511952517
5Arnett Gardens FC40102511773121
6UWI FC3722411492422
7Tivoli Gardens35127105123029
8Humble Lions FC31-427710102933
9Harbour View FC25-1525510102338
10Dunbeholden FC24-92666142635
11Reno FC23-1827411122038
12Montego Bay United21-172649132138
1Arnett Gardens FC241012732166
2Waterhouse FC249136612011
3Mount Pleasant FC23513724138
4Humble Lions FC202145541715
5Portmore United FC (JAM)19312543107
6UWI FC192126151311
7Cavaliers FC1611137198
8Tivoli Gardens16-4145181519
9Reno FC14-12153571426
10Montego Bay United12-8132651220
11Dunbeholden FC10-8142481119
12Harbour View FC7-1212147820
1Portmore United FC (JAM)3113149412714
2Cavaliers FC26714824169
3Waterhouse FC21912633189
4Mount Pleasant FC21314563118
5Tivoli Gardens195135441510
6UWI FC180125341111
7Harbour View FC18-3134631518
8Arnett Gardens FC160134451515
9Dunbeholden FC14-1124261516
10Humble Lions FC11-6132561218
11Reno FC9-612165612
12Montego Bay United9-913238918

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