Premier League 2018/19



1Portmore United FC63253218955025
2Mount Pleasant FC60133317973219
3Waterhouse FC592232161154624
4Cavaliers FC511032131273323
5Arnett Gardens FC48732139103730
6UWI FC45231136123028
7Tivoli Gardens39-633116163642
8Humble Lions FC35-532811133338
9Harbour View FC34-1532713123146
10Dunbeholden FC33-93389163342
11Montego Bay United30-203279163050
12Reno FC24-2432412162448
1Waterhouse FC3111168712312
2Mount Pleasant FC30716934169
3Arnett Gardens FC2910168532010
4Portmore United FC26815753157
5Humble Lions FC243176652017
6Cavaliers FC234155821511
7UWI FC19-1156181415
8Tivoli Gardens19-61761102026
9Dunbeholden FC16-6174491622
10Montego Bay United15-12163671628
11Reno FC14-14173591731
12Harbour View FC13-11162771223
1Portmore United FC37171711423518
2Mount Pleasant FC306178631610
3Waterhouse FC2811168442312
4Cavaliers FC286178451812
5UWI FC263167541613
6Harbour View FC21-4165651923
7Tivoli Gardens200165561616
8Arnett Gardens FC19-3165471720
9Dunbeholden FC17-3164571720
10Montego Bay United15-8164391422
11Humble Lions FC11-8152581321
12Reno FC10-1015177717

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