Premier League 2018/19



1Portmore United FC (JAM)2810148422212
2Mount Pleasant FC25415744128
3Arnett Gardens FC23613652159
4Waterhouse FC218135621911
5Cavaliers FC21314563129
6Tivoli Gardens211156361615
7Humble Lions FC193144731613
8UWI FC16-2135171012
9Montego Bay United16-4143741014
10Reno FC13-915348918
11Harbour View FC12-12142661123
12Dunbeholden FC9-8142391220
1Arnett Gardens FC178752091
2Waterhouse FC1377340136
3Mount Pleasant FC122740353
4Reno FC11-28323810
5Tivoli Gardens10083141111
6Humble Lions FC91723298
7Portmore United FC (JAM)91723265
8UWI FC91630354
9Montego Bay United8-2815268
10Cavaliers FC7-1614134
11Harbour View FC5-3612358
12Dunbeholden FC2-67025511
1Portmore United FC (JAM)1997610167
2Cavaliers FC144842295
3Mount Pleasant FC132834175
4Tivoli Gardens111732254
5Humble Lions FC102724175
6Waterhouse FC81622265
7Montego Bay United8-2622246
8Dunbeholden FC7-2721479
9UWI FC7-3721458
10Harbour View FC7-98143615
11Arnett Gardens FC6-2613268
12Reno FC2-7702518

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