Premier League 2019/20



1Waterhouse FC43182312743921
2Mount Pleasant FC41132412573118
3Humble Lions FC3642210662420
4Portmore United FC3492210482819
5Dunbeholden FC3452110472722
6Tivoli Gardens335239683126
7Cavaliers FC325248883126
8Arnett Gardens FC32-2238873234
9Harbour View FC29-9237882130
10Molynes United FC27-112476112839
11UWI FC16-1923210112140
12Vere United FC14-182228121533
1Mount Pleasant FC227127141710
2Tivoli Gardens216146352115
3Waterhouse FC20159621238
4Humble Lions FC201135531312
5Harbour View FC18311533129
6Dunbeholden FC18310604118
7Cavaliers FC177124532114
8Portmore United FC174125251511
9Vere United FC1221126397
10Molynes United FC10-8113171422
11Arnett Gardens FC9-6101631016
12UWI FC9-8121651119
1Arnett Gardens FC234137242218
2Waterhouse FC233146531613
3Mount Pleasant FC19612543148
4Portmore United FC17510523138
5Molynes United FC17-3134541417
6Humble Lions FC1639513118
7Dunbeholden FC162114431614
8Cavaliers FC15-2124351012
9Tivoli Gardens12-193331011
10Harbour View FC11-1212255921
11UWI FC7-11111461021
12Vere United FC2-2011029626

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