Premier League 2021



1Waterhouse FC191010541188
2Cavaliers FC18710532169
3Mount Pleasant FC183105321310
4Tivoli Gardens173104511411
5Vere United FC1521043397
6Harbour View151104331211
7Dunbeholden FC14-4104241216
8Portmore United FC13210415119
9Arnett Gardens8-710226815
10Molynes United FC7-810145816
11Humble Lions6-9102081019
12UWI FC00000000
1Harbour View112632175
2Vere United FC101631254
3Portmore United FC94530262
4Tivoli Gardens90623199
5Dunbeholden FC9-15302910
6Waterhouse FC73514085
7Arnett Gardens70421166
8Cavaliers FC61420254
9Humble Lions6-1520356
10Mount Pleasant FC5-3512214
11Molynes United FC2-54022510
12UWI FC00000000
1Mount Pleasant FC1365410126
2Waterhouse FC1275401103
3Cavaliers FC1266330115
4Tivoli Gardens83422052
5Vere United FC51412143
6Dunbeholden FC5-3512236
7Molynes United FC5-3612336
8Harbour View4-1411256
9Portmore United FC4-2511357
10Arnett Gardens1-7601529
11UWI FC00000000
12Humble Lions0-85005513

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