Premier League 2021/22



1Dunbeholden FC39101812332717
2Waterhouse FC37191711423112
3Mount Pleasant FC34131810443320
4Arnett Gardens3310189632717
5Cavaliers FC287178451811
6Harbour View252196762018
7Tivoli Gardens22-2185762224
8Humble Lions21-4194961418
9Portmore United FC18-11184681223
10Vere United FC16-7184410916
11Molynes United FC14-141842121933
12Montego Bay United7-231814131033
1Arnett Gardens22109711188
2Mount Pleasant FC19129612219
3Waterhouse FC1979612169
4Dunbeholden FC1558431127
5Harbour View131103431211
6Humble Lions1301034377
7Cavaliers FC121933365
8Vere United FC12-21033468
9Tivoli Gardens11283231210
10Montego Bay United7-59144712
11Portmore United FC7-89144614
12Molynes United FC3-98107514
1Dunbeholden FC245108021510
2Waterhouse FC18128530153
3Cavaliers FC1668512126
4Mount Pleasant FC15194321211
5Harbour View121933387
6Arnett Gardens110925299
7Portmore United FC11-3932469
8Tivoli Gardens11-4102531014
9Molynes United FC11-5103251419
10Humble Lions8-49153711
11Vere United FC4-5811638
12Montego Bay United0-189009321

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