Premier League 2023/2024



1Mount Pleasant FC19107610122
2Arnett Gardens1156321116
3Portmore United FC1147322106
4Waterhouse FC1138323118
5Humble Lions110632199
6Tivoli Gardens1066312115
7Cavaliers FC83522185
8Vere United FC8-16222910
9Dunbeholden FC8-3622247
10Montego Bay United8-58224914
11Treasure Beach7-1521245
12Harbour View3-45032610
13Lime Hall Academy3-77034411
14Molynes United FC3-108035414
1Mount Pleasant FC106431060
2Portmore United FC74321051
3Humble Lions72321053
4Waterhouse FC65320172
5Tivoli Gardens64420284
6Dunbeholden FC60320144
7Montego Bay United6-1420267
8Treasure Beach41211010
9Arnett Gardens4-1311123
10Harbour View3-2403168
11Lime Hall Academy2-5402238
12Molynes United FC2-7502329
13Cavaliers FC10101011
14Vere United FC1-2201124
1Mount Pleasant FC94330062
2Arnett Gardens76321093
3Cavaliers FC73421174
4Vere United FC71421176
5Waterhouse FC5-2512246
6Tivoli Gardens42211031
7Portmore United FC40411255
8Humble Lions4-2311146
9Treasure Beach3-2310235
10Dunbeholden FC2-3302103
11Montego Bay United2-4402237
12Lime Hall Academy1-2301213
13Molynes United FC1-3301225
14Harbour View0-2100102

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