Championship 2015/16

New Zealand


1Auckland City FC25209810299
2Hawke's Bay United1988611168
3Team Wellington15994322213
4Canterbury United14284221715
5WaiBOP United12384042017
6Waitakere United7-582151621
7Wellington Phoenix Reserves3-1681071430
8Southern United0-218008728
1Auckland City FC15125500175
2WaiBOP United994301145
3Canterbury United915302109
4Waitakere United774211147
5Hawke's Bay United71421176
6Team Wellington50412177
7Wellington Phoenix Reserves3-74103815
8Southern United0-8300319
1Hawke's Bay United127440092
2Team Wellington1095311156
3Auckland City FC1084310124
4Canterbury United51312076
5WaiBOP United3-64103612
6Wellington Phoenix Reserves0-94004615
7Waitakere United0-124004214
8Southern United0-135005619

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