Primera Division Apertura 2014



1Deportivo Walter Ferretti3826171151293
2Real Estelí3518171052268
3Diriangén FC3261710251711
4Juventus Managua306179352317
5Managua FC268177552416
6CD Ocotal220176472121
7Art Municipal Jalapa20-7175571623
8Real Madriz19-2175482426
9UNAN Managua16-101751112333
10FOX Villa FC0-45170017954
1Deportivo Walter Ferretti25199810190
2Real Estelí23169720215
3Diriangén FC1949612106
4Juventus Managua1528503119
5CD Ocotal1468422148
6Art Municipal Jalapa134834195
7Managua FC1159324149
8Real Madriz7-18143910
9UNAN Managua7-68215915
10FOX Villa FC0-199009524
1Juventus Managua1549432128
2Managua FC1538431107
3Deportivo Walter Ferretti1378341103
4Diriangén FC132841375
5Real Estelí122833253
6Real Madriz12-194051516
7UNAN Managua9-493061418
8CD Ocotal8-69225713
9Art Municipal Jalapa7-119216718
10FOX Villa FC0-268008430

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