Primera Division Clausura 2021



1Diriangén FC3118141013279
2Deportivo Walter Ferretti2711148332312
3Managua FC2315137243015
4Real Estelí231312723229
5CD Ocotal233146531613
6Art Municipal Jalapa15-7134361825
7Real Madriz14-12144281224
8Chinandega FC12-15143381631
9CD Junior Managua12-15143381227
10Juventus Managua9-11123091122
1Deportivo Walter Ferretti21158701183
2Diriangén FC19138611174
3Managua FC15116501198
4Art Municipal Jalapa1457421138
5CD Ocotal145742183
6CD Junior Managua11-78323815
7Chinandega FC8-47223913
8Real Madriz7-1621367
9Juventus Managua6-66204612
10Real Estelí52412164
1Real Estelí18118602165
2Diriangén FC1256402105
3CD Ocotal9-27232810
4Managua FC847223117
5Real Madriz7-118215617
6Deportivo Walter Ferretti6-4613259
7Chinandega FC4-117115718
8Juventus Managua3-56105510
9CD Junior Managua1-86015412
10Art Municipal Jalapa1-126015517

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