Soccer League 2009

Puerto Rico


1River Plate PR44421614205614
2Bayamón FC36341611324410
3Sevilla FC Puerto Rico32251610244318
4San Juan FC3171610152720
5Carolina Gigantes18-11165381829
6Academia Quintana17-7164571926
7Guaynabo Fluminense17-11165292435
8Caguas Huracán7-381621132058
9Tornados de Humacao3-411603131657
1River Plate PR22248710339
2Bayamón FC22218710221
3Sevilla FC Puerto Rico151185032312
4San Juan FC15385031512
5Academia Quintana1248332117
6Guaynabo Fluminense10-183141213
7Carolina Gigantes9182331110
8Caguas Huracán4-1681161127
9Tornados de Humacao1-228017830
1River Plate PR22188710235
2Sevilla FC Puerto Rico17148521206
3San Juan FC1648512128
4Bayamón FC14138422229
5Carolina Gigantes9-128305719
6Guaynabo Fluminense7-1082151222
7Academia Quintana5-118125819
8Caguas Huracán3-228107931
9Tornados de Humacao2-198026827

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